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About the Jefferson Art Guild

The Jefferson Art Guild was started in 1996 with the idea of its founders to have an open guild that  anyone could join -- no sponsors necessary. The only membership requirement is a desire to have fun  as an artist. We are open to new ideas, new adventures, and thanks to the wisdom of our charter members, conduct ourselves by very simple and liberal bylaws so as not to be inhibited by convention  nor burdened by stringent, unbendable rules and regulations. 

JAG prides itself on the sharing, caring attitude of its members and the wonderful friendships that have  evolved as a result of its existence. Continuing education and exposure to various art forms are afforded  members through demonstrations at monthly meetings as well as guild sponsored workshops. JAG  has touched many lives and hopefully will be the source of inspiration and encouragement for emerging  artists for years to come.


Our Mission

The mission of the Jefferson Art Guild is to integrate fine art in the community and to extend to the elderly and youth of the community an opportunity to enhance their interest and participation in the arts.

JAG reaches out to the elderly by offering multi-level workshops and exhibitions that encourage participation and opportunities for advancement.

Open registration in the Guild welcomes all established artists and aspiring artists to join its membership.

The student art project that JAG has implemented is a program in which students from local high schools selected by their teachers are invited to participate in one of the Guild's yearly arts shows.  They are given a place to display their art at the show and an opportunity to compete locally with other students.


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