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Officers and Chairs

2023-2024 Officers

Carolyn Clausing_edited.jpg


Carolyn Clausing

Judy Erwin_edited.jpg

Vice President

Judy Erwin



Jan Wilkin

Karen Suit_edited.jpg


Karen Suit

2022-2023 Chairs


Artist of the Month

Carol Joachim and Carrel Epling

The chairperson for the Artist of the Month program is responsible for setting up the table display area and voting materials, tallying the votes, recording the monthly winners and communicating these to the Secretary.


50/50 and Raffle

Pat Caraccioli

The chairperson for the 50/50 and raffle is responsible for keeping and distributing the tickets before each meeting.  They collect the funds for 50/50 and give them to the Treasurer. They select the winning tickets, distribute prizes and give the information on winners to the Secretary.

Retro Party Snacks_edited.jpg


Brenda Aranda and Bess Laborde

The chairperson for hospitality is responsible for getting people to sign up to bring refreshments to each meeting.  This duty has been temporarily suspended due to Covid.


Membership and Workshops

Jan Wilkin

The Membership Chairman shall maintain a current roster and list of prospective members.  They shall work in conjunction with the Treasurer to assure members' dues are current and shall procure and distribute membership cards.



Donna Richard

The Newsletter Chairman shall publish and distribute periodic newsletters which keep members informed of Guild activities.



Sarah Bachemin

The Programs Chairman shall arrange for demonstrations, presentations and other programs or workshops of interest to Guild members in furtherance of the Guild's goals and objectives.



Marie Weiler

Use this space to write a brief description of what this team member does. You can include relevant degrees, experience or other special qualifications they may have.

Dialing a Number_edited.jpg

Phone Tree

Jacki Budde, Pat Caracciol, Carrel Epling and Bess Laborde

The Telephone Chairman shall notify the membership when called upon.


Van Gogh

Toni Tyndall

The Van Gogh section of the newsletter and monthly meeting is a forum for artists to ask other artists about pressing questions they may have. The chairperson for this will facilitate this at meetings, record questions and answers and communicate this to the Secretary.



Sarah Bachemin

The website chairperson is responsible for creating, maintaining and updating the guild website.


Publicity/Social Media

Maurice Stockton

The Publicity/Social Media chair is responsible for posting events, photos, and relevant Guild information to social media platforms and local newspapers.


Plein Aire Paint Outs

Glenn Higgins

The chair for Plein Aire Paint Outs is responsible for arranging and leading regular painting sessions outdoors in the community at locations such as local parks, monuments and areas of architectural interest.

File Organizer


Chair Currently Open

The historian gathers and maintains guild photographs and records.

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