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Gerry Claude

Gerry Claude is a native New Orleanian artist that loves her city. Gerry received her formal training from Richmond Professional Institute at the College of William and Mary. This college was recommended to her by the late Walt Disney. Gerry creates wonderful pen and ink and watercolor renditions of historical New Orleans Archecture and life in and around our great city. Best known for her work in pen and ink and watercolor she has worked in all media. Gerry strives for self-expression with the use of detail and realism. All of her work is original. She can be commissioned to draw or paint your home, pet, or other favorite subject. Gerry Claude has recently retired from the Post Office and is now a full time professional artist again. Before she went back to her maiden name, she painted under her married name of Gerry Cottrell. She is a past president of New Orleans Art Association and Metairie Art Guild. New Orleans Times Picayune Art critics have spoken positively of her creativity. She has over 100 awards. One of her favorite honors was when her drawing of a trees hung in the New Orleans Museum of Art.

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